HSGE is a boarding school that will provide students (ages 13 through 19) with a specialized form of education. Unlike traditional teaching methods, this program will provide students with an interactive approach to learning that focuses on independent problem solving, self-discovery, and technological based intensive learning.  HSGE will adopt the STEAM educational philosophy by infusing the Arts in the middle of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This movement has become extremely popular as we extend the content of our programming to connect to the possibilities of the 21st century global community.


The Harris School For Global Empowerment is committed to ending the school to prison pipeline by creating a community of empowered youth through stellar educational services for at-risk youth.



The school provides students with an alternative style of education, using Individual Learning Plans (ILP) for all students.   This unique methodology of teaching will focus specifically on the development of the child, and provides them with an atmosphere where they can learn through both traditional teaching and self-directed learning.  


The Individual Learning Plan is a student directed planning and monitoring tool that customizes learning opportunities throughout their secondary school experiences, broadens perspectives and supports attainment of goals.  The ILP documents students’ interests, needs, supports, course selections (including access to college level programming), transition placements and other learning experiences both in and out of school.  This information produces a thoughtful program of study leading to proficiency for graduation and post-secondary experiences.


HSGE offers a uniquely structured educational program. It is our philosophy that no two students are alike; hence each student can be seen at the center of their program.


Our program prepares students for global citizenry utilizing a college and work ready curriculum that focuses on the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Math.


In addition to a rigorous curriculum, our students can expect: Supportive and Welcoming Environment, Sports & Extra-Curricular Activities, Individualized Learning Programs (ILP) Special Education Support Services.