Dr. Judy Touzin has served as an educator for the past 14 years.  She began her career as an elementary school teacher in the Harlem section of New York City in 2003.  It was that experience that helped to reaffirm her commitment to working in under resourced and underserved communities.  In 2009, Judy went on to found the East New York Elementary School of Excellence, where she served as principal until July 2015.  In her experience as an elementary school teacher, principal and now coach for aspiring principals, there has been one constant-her desire to help create affirming learning environments for young men of color. In August of 2016, Judy self-published her first book titled, ExceptionAL: Black Men Leading, Living, and Loving to help counter the prevailing image and narrative concerning Black men and boys in America.   In February 2017, Ms. Touzin launched The ExceptionAL Project, an extension of that book.  The book and project are devoted to highlighting the positive stories, images, and contributions of Black men and boys across the country. For more information about The ExceptionAL Project, please visit

About the Founder

S.O.W.'s founder and Director Shawna Seymore started S.O.W after receiving numerous signs from God about what her TRUE purpose and assignment was.

Shawna Seymore is a Minister, motivational speaker and Certified tranformation Life Coach for woman; with her love for woman and her will to please God S.O.W. was born. But not before many heartaches and pain from toxic relationships;disappointments and rejection by her biological father took place. She knows first hand how it feels to give her all only to be betrayed and lied too, and even after numerous failed toxic relationships she still didn’t learn her lesson. It wasn’t until 4 years ago that she started realizing why she kept attracting the wrong type of men; It was the molestation as a child, abandonment of her father and her mother always being gone that clouded her better judgment. She needed the scares to finally go away , so she started reflecting and healing.

Shawna Seymore is also a New York City Fire Department Paramedic Lieutenant, she has been in the medical field for over 21 years and love to help people, but along the line she started to take an interest in the mental and emotional aspects of the human mind and thought process.

On September 9, 2014 Shawna became a certified Life Coach under the teachings of renowned Life Coach Tony Gaskins. From that moment on she researched, read many books and literature and studied why the female species was giving up on being loved and being respected. So she took what she learned and experienced and started speaking at female shelters and schools.

To help women find their truth worth by uprooting the negative and replanting the positive.

S.O.W. is an empowerment group that was birthed out of the heart of Brooklyn New York in 2016.

S.O.W's mission is to encourage, motivate, inspire, uplift and mentor woman from all aspects and walks of life from ages 18 and up; by teaching them about self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem.

S.O.W. Strives to GROW a community of strong confident woman that will in turn plant the same seed into another woman. S.O.W's main goal is to heal and transform the hearts and mind of our young woman. While helping them to find their true purpose God has planned for them.

Dr. Moses has devoted over 30 years in the establishment, development and management of widely successful youth and family initiatives. Dr. Moses is a highly accomplished therapist who provides crisis intervention to youth and families. She serves as Founder and CEO of “Angela Moses Consultant Enterprise”. Her outstanding competency has placed her in constant demand to facilitate trainings, workshops, seminars and lectures on youth, family and social development with special emphasis on parenting, throughout the country. Dr. Moses contributes her valuable time and knowledge as a consultant for schools, churches and non-profit organizations.

Oresa Napper-Williams, affectionately known as “Reese” was born and raised on the mean streets of the Bedford Stuyvesant section in Brooklyn, NY. Although Oresa’s childhood years were predominately influenced by her Christian background, there were still obstacles she faced in her adolescent years. These obstacles caused an unbalance in Oresa’s life and she ventured out into the streets. As God would have it, that time in Oresa’s life was for a season. The reason being that she would know the needs of people incarcerated and be able to save and minister to those not living in their fullest potential.

Oresa was one of the first twelve individuals who formed the double Grammy Award-winning, Love Fellowship Crusade Choir, in 1985 under the leadership of Bishop Hezekiah Walker. She now serves as an in-house Pastor at Love Fellowship Tabernacle, The Kingdom Church in which she is a founding member of. Her passion to meet the needs of the community began through personal experience as a struggling single parent. This gave her an expressed burden for the needs of the community at large. She established two entities to provide social resources through LFT: a Single Parents Resource & Support Group and the National Business Training Institute of NY, NJ and PA.


Oresa is the Founder and Visionary of Not Another Child Inc. (N.A.C.), an organization that serves and advocates for families and communities effected by gun violence. The organization also creates a safe haven and provides outreach and support to families of gun violence. N.A.C., which has been featured on BET’s My Two Cents, was established in memory of Oresa’s son, Andrell Napper, who was innocently gunned down on August 7, 2006. When asked how this incident has changed her life, she stated, “It has made me more aware of the travesties and situations that our youth face on a daily basis and the need to help them attain a successful future. I have also become aware of the hurt that a mother feels after the loss of a child and the injustices a family faces after the loose a loved one; and how their life never the same.” Under the umbrella of N.A.C, she implemented and organized the first Value Life Peace March in 2009, and continues to oversee both the Annual King Ron Playing for Change Tournament in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Change Makers Benefit Gala which continue to be successful in furthering the mission of N.A.C. N.A.C. serves as a therapeutic provider to families and communities who experience violence at high levels. This program is a part of New York City’s crisis Management System.


Oresa’s book, “And Then I Awoke, Releasing Your Potential and “Purpose in Life” is dedicated to the memory of her son, Andrell Daron Napper. She is currently working on her 2nd book, Black Girl Lost, Woman Found! Yet, with all She has accomplished, she deems her greatest accomplishment as being Justin’s mother and biggest fan.

Her makeup is one of a kind, she is small in stature and mighty in power, yet her presence is delightful. Known for her encouraging words, ladylike mannerisms and straight forward demeanor, she has become a mentor to many and advocates for those who are treated unfairly in any area. She influences children by showing them that no matter what mistakes they have made, they can always get back on track.

Campaign for Black Male Achievement


The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) is a national membership network that seeks to ensure the growth, sustainability, and impact of leaders and organizations committed to improving the life outcomes of Black men and boys. For more information, please visit